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Slide WE can help you figure it all out! get a mold inspection We can make mold go away! Slide Buying a new home?
Get a mold inspection
Don't buy into an unforeseen problem most
every problem can be easily mitigated
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SOS Environmental is a full service
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Slide Your home
is your biggest
Don't buy into
someone elses
We were told our mold problem was fixed but it wasn't LA 310 301 6653 Ventura 805 380-6653
Mold isn't always a problem We can help sort it out Why rely on him? There is a lot to deal with in buying a home Make sure that mold is NOT one of the issues Most problems can be easily fixed

When buying a new home? GET A MOLD INSPECTION!

  • buying a new house

    When buying a home get a mold inspection. Buying a home is a big deal.  Making sure you make an informed decision is most important.  All homes have typical issues and minor things that need to be addressed or accounted for.  Make sure that you are not buying into a much bigger problem down the line.  When buying a home get a mold inspection.

  • Make an informed decision

    What is important is to understand what is a minor problem and what could potentially have a more profound impact.  Having a mold inspection will help you avoid a potential catastrophe.  in many cases a general inspector will NOT know what is a potential mold issue.  Some issues are obvious, but others are not.  Otherwise, we wouldn\\\’t exist.  Always when buying a home, get a mold inspection.

  • Make the right choice!

    An overwhelming percentage of all mold issues are easy to mitigate.  If the problem is fixed, there is no reason that there should ever be another problem.  The important thing is to make sure it is done right.

  • Mold ISNT a problem

    Mold isn\\\’t a problem it is the reason that the mold exists, which is the problem. Mold is the symptom of that problem.

  • 95%

    of homes inspected do not have mold problems. 
  • 85%

    of homes inspected have some sort of mold present. 
  • 95%

    of all homes inspected do NOT require professional remediation 
24 hour emergency response 
or more inspections! 
types of mold 
Solution; SOS! 






SOS can solve your problems

When buying a home, get a mold inspection from SOS.


Call us in LA at 310 301 6653 and Ventura County 805 380 6653







Buying a home? get a mold inspection

Buying a house? get a mold inspection

Buying a new home? Get a mold inspection.

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