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Good mold or bad mold

How do I know?

Is this good mold or bad mold?

What about mildew?  Is that mold?

You have seen some mold growth in your home and you want to know.  Is this good mold or bad mold?

There are two types of good mold;  Blue cheese and the mold in someone else’s home.   I don’t mean to be flippant about this or dismiss what could be a serious issue, but the “What type of mold” question is really irrelevant.   All mold is removed in the same fashion.  If that removal is done correctly, then there is no reason that those surfaces cant be as good as new or perhaps even better! Taking tests to determine what type of mold is present is useless.

This can be the topic of a deeper discussion however if mold is present, of any type, you remove it.  The REASON you remove all mold is that scientifically it is proven that surfaces that contain mold growth will support new mold growth or re growth, 8 times faster or more than surfaces that don’t have mold on them already.

You cannot remove mold from drywall


SOS can tell you how to solve your mold problems


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