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Is this good mold or bad mold?

What about mildew?  Is that mold?


You have seen some mold growth in your home and you want to know.  Is this good mold or bad mold?  There are two types of good mold;  Blue cheese and the mold in someone else’s home.   I don’t mean to be flippant about this or dismiss what could be a serious issue, but the “What type of mold” question is really irrelevant.   All mold is removed in the same fashion.  If that removal is done correctly, then there is no reason that those surfaces cant be as good as new or perhaps even better!  Taking tests to determine what type of mold is present is useless.


  • You do NOT need air tests!

    Some companies will tell you that you can simply do an air test and that will tell you what is going on in a home.  THIS IS WRONG!  You don’t need air tests for an initial inspection.  Ask us about this  

  • A good mold inspection

    A good mold inspection is about finding issues and designing a plan to get em fixed right the first time!

  • Crawlspaces impact air quality!

    Ask us how your crawlspace can impact your air quality in your home.  See more about crawlspaces

  • Bacteria, black water losses & more..

    There are many types of issues that water leaks can cause.  Black water, bacteria, and other issues.  Make sure that you have the right information to clean up your water loss..


 SOS has the answer to your mold issues.


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Is this good mold or bad mold?

Forget about is this good mold or bad mold?  We can help you find out what is going on, NOT just give you air sample results!

Air samples are a great tool, but they should NOT be relied upon to make a

decision as to if there is a mold issue or not.  Read our article on air samples.

Good mold or bad mold?

mold fuzzy compressed

We can get you the right answer to any indoor environmental issue.

360 tall leak

Likely there isn’t an indoor environmental issue we haven’t seen in 17 years.  Clearly, we specialize in mold and water damage related issues.  Rest assured if you have a mold problem we have probably seen one like it.  Most ever problem can be solved.

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