I had air tests but something isn’t right

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[fullwidth_section type=’Color’ color=”] Don’t trust air tests alone! [/fullwidth_section]

I had air tests but something isn’t right

if we had a dollar for every time we have heard that..  Air tests are not reliable method for determining if you have an issue in your house or not.  It is possible that tests taken only 60 minutes apart can have dramatically different results!  This is the subject of a much longer discussion.  But the net of it is that you cannot rely upon air tests to tell  you what is going on in your home.  If you ask yourself this question, I had air tests but something isn’t right you need SOS

[columns_container] [one-fourth]I had air tests but something isn't right[/one-fourth] [three-fourths] in the image to the left there was a water leak in an expensive condo from the unit above.  Our client was told by the ‘dry-down’ company and the environmental company that all was well and there were NO ISSUES!  The air test were NEGATIVE.  In the image you can see the exposed plywood under where the plug was which looks relatively clean.  This is the portion of hte wall that was removed by the dry down company, but they left the desk.  The woman who lived there relied on the air samples and the representations of the environmental and dry down companies. I had air tests but something isn’t right, was what we heard.

[/three-fourths] [/columns_container]

They didn’t find any problems and said we were clear!

Then we found this!  Subsequently the desk was removed when she decided to re do that portion of her kitchen.  The dramatic results are visible in this photo.  This is one example of what happens when you rely on air tests.

Sadly this happens all the time.  Air samples will not necessarily tell  you the story.

Both past and current water intrusion issues can result in mold growth and a negative impact on the indoor air in your home.  Some issues are more immediate than others and some issues do not require a mold remediation professional to mitigate.  That’s what we are here for. I had air tests but something isn’t right?  if you are asking yourself this question, you NEED SOS.

[columns_container] [three-fourths]here is another example of a water damage claim where things were just not right.  The home was flooded and then the nationally recognized water restoration company came in, dried the place down and indeed did some mold remediation.  The insurance company hired an environmental company that came in and signed off on the work.  There were air samples taken and they were negative.  I had air tests but something isn’t right.  This is what we were told.  The image on the right is what WE found that was signed off on as being clean! Both of these tested positive for dense colonies of mold growth and were clearly water damaged and impacted by the loss.  Yet left unattended.

I had air tests but something isn’t right?

We are “out of network” for insurance carriers 

Much like doctors who are out of network because their practice has evolved to a point where they do not need to accept low insurance payments for their services, we likewise will not accept any 3rd party payments.  What this means is that when you hire an insurance company recommendation, they have a vested interest in minimizing the scope of the loss.  We know, we used to work for every major insurance carrier that there is.  If one of the consultants finds an issue, all of a sudden the work flow drys up.  It isn’t as if the carriers tell them this, this is a known fact and just frankly how it works.  That isn’t the case with us.

[/three-fourths] [one-fourth] I had air tests but something isn't right  I had air tests but something isn't right[/one-fourth] [/columns_container]

What your insurance carrier doesn’t want you to know

So if you look at your homeowners policy while they are all different to a degree they have a common thread.  That is that mold is not specifically covered as a source of a loss.  If it is covered, typically the coverage is limited to $5,000 dollars.  But what about the water damage?  That is an entire different coverage issue.  There are typically limits there as well depending upon the policy.

You as the insured are allowed to hire anyone you wish to analyze the problem or do the work.  The carrier IF they use at all the information you provide them, are obligated to pay for that costs under their investigation expenses, not under your coverage limits.  This gets complicated and treads the line on what I can legally tell you.  Further, should you have concerns you should ALWAYS consult an attorney.  That said, just because they recommend someone, doesn’t meant that that entity has your best interest at heart; typically it is the opposite.

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