Mold Inspection

There are different types of Mold inspections

The preliminary and the Clearance certification.

What any good mold inspection report should include: 

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The Clearance Report-

A proper clearance report should include both visual and empirical data to support those observations. At SOS we do just that. In fact we even provide professional errors and omissions insurance to our clients so that they can ensure that our opinions are backed up. At SOS we pioneered what are the industry clearance criteria used by most industry professionals today. Have SOS review the work performed at your home, even if we didnt do the preliminary report. Make sure its done right. Call SOS.

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The Preliminary Report

The Primary purpose of the preliminary report is to provide you with specific information about the circumstances present inside the structure. In addition to identifying the issues inside a structure, there should be a comprehensive listing of how to address the issues identified as well as a scope of work set forth on HOW to address the issues identified. SOS creates for each individual circumstance a personally tailored “scope of work” included in the price of each report. This scope of work not only identifies what to do but what type of entity should address the issues; Handyman/General Contractor or mold remediation contractor.

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What a mold inspection by us will tell you

Although exceptionally comprehensive, SOS’s reports contain simple easy to follow diagrams and photographic information available 24/7 via the web for easy review and explanation.

Secondly, the Preliminary report should outline and delineate what a proper standard of care is to address the problems that exist, if any. This ‘Standard of Care’ should vary from situation to situation depending upon many factors. These include, but are without limitation to, the occupants of the dwelling, their potential for predisposition to exposure to mold and their individual sensitivities, the circumstances of the mold (how big is the problem), what type of water loss is involved. A chronic or long-term issue may be addressed in one manner while a small acute issue addressed in another. Each circumstance is different. A proper mold report should take into account all factors when addressing what to do.

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