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Remediation coordination

We can help you manage your remediation project from start to finish!

Remediation Coordination

We have trained and participated in the training of many remediation companies here in California and Nevada.  We are experts in the field of mold and water damage as well as any indoor environmental issue that may arise.  We have been in business now since 1997 and have participated in over 50,000 inspections in both Nevada, California, Washington, Arizona.  Our practice today is 99% in Southern California.

Over the past few years, remediation costs have declined dramatically.  So much so that it became apparent that remediation companies who were used to getting $5,000 for a project and now being paid $2,000 for the same work or less, were cutting corners to try to fit their business model into the ‘new economy’ of mold remediation.  So as the quality of work declined, we were faced with a difficult question.  How can we in good faith sign off on a project when it wasn’t done correctly because the Remediation company didn’t do their job right and cut corners?

The simple answer is that we could not!  SO, we partnered with the best in the business and with the assistance of our partners, we can bring you a full service competitively priced project, all managed by us.  Ask us about how we can help you from start to finish in your remediation project!


Remediation Coordination and Oversight!

We get you the best price and make sure the job is done RIGHT!

  • The job done right the first time!
  • Fair competitive pricing
  • Quality work that is done right
  • Your home as good as new or perhaps better!
  • Consultation and management from start to finish.


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