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Understanding indoor air quality

Indoor air quality can be impacted by many things.






  • Comprehensive remediation & water damage plan

    We will design for you the correct remediation and mitigation plan with step-by-step instructions

  • Identification, Testing, Clearance certification

    OIf required, we can test and identify & document the mold present.  After mitigation work, we can test and certify the project so that you know it has been addressed properlyView more →

  • Consultation and site visit!

    We do a comprehensive site analysis and inspection for water damage, moisture and potential areas containing mold. View more →


  • Online reporting and project management

    We are ag green company and have pioneered the paperless office.  As such ALL of our work product is delivered electronically.  You can manage and view all your information on ALL of your projects in one place neatly organized. View more →

  • Visual findings report available immediately

    After we have done the primary inspection and uploaded our field notes, our system automatically sends you a notification that our visual findings report is ready.  This is a brief overview of what we found available immediately to assist you in your project management.  So you have information now that you can review prior to the final report being published. View more →

  • Building science orientated project design

    WE take into account specific design features of your structure/home in designing a plan to fix your issues!  For example, if there was a leak in one room we make sure to think about what happened ot the adjoining rooms, the rooms or area below?  We take a scientific approach to all remediation issues individually for each structure. View more →









The Remediation Project

From start to finish we can assist in any size remediation project! No job is too small and not too many are too big!  We have managed projects for the A-list of Hollywood celebrities, Forbes top 20 wealthy individuals, and normal people and their issues as well.  Every project is managed on an individual basis and no two projects are ever completely alike.  We have been at this since 1997 or so.  We have seen every imaginable mold issue that you can come up with.  We have saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in remediation work.  With our simple, complete and no-nonsense approach to the issues.


Sometimes a mold problem is not caused by what is going on inside a home.  Sometimes, it is the crawlspace that is impacting the indoor air quality of the home.  Recently, we managed a project in Santa Barbara of a $3.9 million dollar new construction home that was in escrow.  The buyer performed a mold inspection and comprehensive indoor air testing.  The investigation concluded that they could NOT find any areas of mold inside of the home, however the results of the air tests were terrible!  The concentrations of mold spores inside of the home were over 10 times of that found in the normal outdoor air.  The buyer backed out of the deal out of concerns about exposure to mold. The company hired had no answers as they could NOT figure out what was happening.  We were hired and fixed the problem in 4 days!  The issue was that when the home was built the crawlspace had openings up into the underneath section of the homes lower floors.  This was allowing air exchange between the crawlspace and the interior air space of the home. When the openings were sealed off, and the home wiped and cleaned, the “mold problem” (which never was in the first place) vanished!  The seller had been told that he needed over $100,000 dollars or more in mold remediation and exhaustive intrusive investigations which would have resulted in at least $200,00o in additional cosmetic repairs from the investigations and mitigation.   The home is fine now; our bill?  $2,450.00 and solved in 4 days.



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