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Water damage handled wrong!

This is what happens if you don't handle water damage in the right fashion! HIRE SOS!


Water damage handled wrong!

This project was a condo in Beverly hills valued at 2.5 million dollars in which the water damage was handled wrong.  There was a leak from the neighbor upstairs.  Water damage had come down into our clients kitchen/pantry area.  The dry down company hired (name withheld) came in and removed some drywall in the pantry area and installed typical dry down fans.  In the photo you can see where they removed the drywall between the outline of the desk drawers which were on either side (the brown plywood portion).  The dry down company said it was “fine” the environmental company hired by the insurance company said it was fine too.

Our client was told that this had solved the problem and she had no concerns.  8 months later, when the new buyer went to move the desk this is what they found.  Note the excessive black mold and Stachybotrys was present behind the removed desk.

What to do if you have a leak

The water damage company shrugged their shoulders, my client was left with an approximate $70,000 dollar bill all because of someone not advising them but instead they listened to the dry down company and the insurance company.  Don’t trust consultants that have agendas or get their work from insurance carriers.  This is what you will end up with..

DON’T let this happen to you!


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