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 Don’t be mislead by the notion that a mold inspections goal is to tell you what type of mold there is.  It doesn’t matter
There isn’t really good mold and bad mold.  Only really there is mold.  Simply put mold should be removed.  All mold is removed the same way.  It isn’t as if there is some new technology for addressing this.  Ask us to sort this out for you!


OK so perhaps this question alludes you but we can make it very simple.  First off, there are over 250,000 types of mold, of which only some of these can be potentially harmful to you.  Second, if you have one of the “non-harmful” varieties, if left unchecked, it will promote growth of OTHER types of mold very fast; some of these CAN be harmful potentially.  Therefore, even if you have say typical lumber mold today, you are sure to have another type of microorganism tomorrow!  Third, there isn’t any different method to remove any of the different types of mold.  They are all removed the same way.

 Simply put, it doesn’t matter!

Don’t let other companies get you excited or worried about what types of mold you have.  It doesn’t really matter.  All mold should be removed. Period!  We can help!!

Our Services

  • Identification
  • Testing
  • Designing steps to remove the mold
  • Remediation protocol
  • Remediation coordination
  • Remediation consulting
  • Certification
  • Clearance verification


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