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A mold inspection is not air sample results!

A mold inspection is a comprehensive analysis of the conditions that exist inside of your home and how they impact the occupants.  This includes looking for problems that are current, past or may be of issue in the future.   It is NOT sufficient to simply take air samples and declare a result.  Environmental factors, temporary measures or bad interpretation of data can dramatically impact results.



  • The Goal of a Mold Inspection

    Simply put the goal of a competent mold inspection is to identify issues that are present in the home from past or current conditions.  Further, a good mold inspection will look for issues that MAY become a problem down the line, but are not necessarily a problem now. 

  • There are NO MOLD PROBLEMS

    Only conditions that have resulted in mold growth.  Once mitigated, they should be as good as new; maybe even better.  Knowing what to do when you find mold and whether or not it requires professional remediation is the question.  That’s what we will answer for you.

  • No problem to big or small

    Whether it is a single area under a sink, or a large condo complex, or commercial building.  We have done them all.  We will give your project the personal one on one attention that is required.

  • How do I fix the issues?

    we will give you a detailed scope of work which is designed to assist you in identifying what needs to be done to get a problem solved. 





  • Water damage specialists

    If water damage is not corrected in 48 hours then there will be mold growth; at least to some degree.  What may seem insignificant, can become a huge problem.  Read this article on water damage handled wrong. 

  • A complete solution!

    We can act as your consultant or if required can with the help of our partners, provide you a total solution from beginning to end.

  • Air testing isn't the answer

    If air tests are negative, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a mold issue.  There are many factors that can skew or impact results which may cause false positives and/or false negatives.




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