Strange odors in your home

Do you have strange odors in your home?

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Strange odors?  They could be coming from your crawlspace!  Hot air rises, as such air molecules are “drawn” up into your home via basic laws of physics.  As the temperature difference between the interior of your home and your crawlspace this increases, so does the tendency of these odors to come into your home.  This is also refereed to as the “stack effect”

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When it gets cold at night, the temperature difference between the inside of your home and the temperature in the foundation increases.  It could be 70F in your home, while it is 40F under your home.
This temperature difference causes the air molecules from the foundation to be drawn up into the interior of your home.  This is called the stack effect.
[youtube][/youtube]This video shows you how your crawlspace impacts the air inside of your home.  If you have a basement, or crawlspace, then you should watch this video. 
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Studies from Duke University found in homes with crawlspaces that on average over 45% of homes with crawlspaces had mold transferred from the crawlspace to the first floor of the living areas of the home.   Further, while there is documented evidence of mold transmission present, there is more evidence of simple air exchanges taking place.   Odors in your home and your crawlspace of your home are related.

Strange odors in your home could be from your crawlspace

Strange odors that are in your home MAY be from your crawlspace.  Ask SOS to help you figure out how to stop this!

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