Why every home should have an ERV

[smartboxtitle title=’The ERV: what it is and how it can help your home.’ text_align=’left’ ] [columns_container] [one-third]         graphic-how-erv-works                                 [/one-third] [two-thirds]The ERV (Energy Ventilation Recovery) unit is a simple device who’s whole purpose is improve the indoor air quality of your home in the simplest terms.  The ERV brings in fresh clean air and exhausts stale indoor air from your home improving ventilation and air quality.    Once you turn it on, the typical reaction is “huh?”  You should have no idea actually that it is running; if any at all.  However, the impact of installing an ERV is profound.  The indoor air quality will improve, un-wanted humidity and moisture content of the indoor air will be reduced, as well the odors in your home will dramatically diminish.


According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) “ERV systems can also provide annual energy savings by reducing the amount of HVAC energy that is needed to condition the outdoor ventilation air.”  An ERV will use the “energy” from the air inside the home, to heat/cool the air coming in from outside of your home.  What this means is that if it is 40 degrees outside and 70 degrees indoors, you are not bringing in 40 Degree air into you home (like if you opened your window).  The temperature is closer to about 64 degrees or so depending upon the unit that you select and how it is implemented.  For best efficiency the ERV should be set to cycle on and off several times a day. We recommend running them in 4 hour intervals 4 times a day running or less intervals and longer.  The more you run your ERV the better the impact to your indoor air quality will be.[/two-thirds] [/columns_container]

air sealing house image600by518  AirLeakage

As homes are being built more energy efficient today, this decrease the amount of fresh air the would naturally come into a home, “air-inflitration” as well as the amount of stale air that would leave the home via “air-exfiltration”.   Hence states like California have now implemented new ventilation requirements (California Title 24 Part 6 references ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2007 as California’s state ventilation code,).  However this requirement only accounts for air to be exhausted from the home, and does not provide fresh or makeup air to be brought into the home.  It is not uncommon for your HVAC professional when asked not to have ever heard of an HRV (heating recovery ventilation) or ERV.  Why this is we cannot say. Installing an ERV is both energy efficient as well as improves the life of your HVAC equipment by off loading some of the use of the equipment.



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[smartboxtitle title=’What an ERV will do for you’ text_align=’left’ ] [columns_container] [one-third][donuts][donut Percent=”80″]will reduce unwanted  humidity[/donut][/donuts][/one-third] [one-third][donuts][donut Percent=”100″]Improve ventilation [/donut][/donuts][/one-third] [one-third][donuts][donut Percent=”100″]Improve air quality[/donut][/donuts][/one-third] [/columns_container]




[smartboxtitle title=’Financial impact of an ERV’ text_align=’left’ ]


[columns_container] [one-fourth][numerical_container ][numerical_item percent=”120″ unit=”” value_font_size=”55px” unit_font_size=”” align=”center” jump=”10″] Reduce energy costs [/numerical_item][/numerical_container][/one-fourth] [one-fourth][numerical_container ][numerical_item percent=”320″ unit=”” value_font_size=”55px” unit_font_size=”” align=”center” jump=”10″] Reduce wear and tear on ventilation equipment[/numerical_item][/numerical_container][/one-fourth] [one-fourth][numerical_container ][numerical_item percent=”820″ unit=”” value_font_size=”55px” unit_font_size=”” align=”center” jump=”25″] Improve ventillation [/numerical_item][/numerical_container][/one-fourth] [one-fourth][numerical_container ][numerical_item percent=”187″ unit=”” value_font_size=”55px” unit_font_size=”” align=”center” jump=”1″] Better air quality [/numerical_item][/numerical_container][/one-fourth] [/columns_container]


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