We were told our mold problem was fixed by our insurance company

We were told our mold problem was fixed by our insurance company!

We live in a home that was built in the 50’s in the Palisades.  We had a water loss which was covered by our insurance carrier.  Our insurance carrier sent in its “experts” to figure out what to do, remove the mold and fix the water damage.  The mitigation company (name withheld) who is a National brand, came in and tore up about 1/2 of our home.  Then the insurance carrier and water damage company recommended to us a testing company to come in and test the entire home to be sure it was safe to start to re build.  When they had finished their work and took their tests and told us that everything was fine and addressed we returned to our home to find this.

When we returned home and looked around AFTER the remediation work and testing was complete this is what we found!  Does this look clean to you!  This is literally a photo of what we saw and the remediation company as well as the testing company said was fine! 
This is another area that we were told was clean.  This area was definitely impacted by our loss but for some reason was NOT addressed?  Yet this was signed off and “tested” as OK by the testing company brought in by the insurance company.    Chuck from SOS came in and this areas tested positive for mold including Stachybotrys, Aspergillus/Penicillium, Chaetomium
Yet another image from an area that we were told was clean!  However it was NOT addressed again.  This area tested positive for mold growth as well.  Needless to say it was obvious that our problem wasn’t close to being resolved.  Chuck and SOS saved us from a nightmare 

Something just wasn’t right

The insurance carrier then hired their experts who took exhaustive samples inside of the home and told us “everything was OK and we had passed remediation clearance.”  We were told that our mold problem was fixed.  They published a report and gave us their lab findings.  Again, it just didn’t seem right to us somehow.  We called a friend who referred us to Chuck and SOS.  Needless to say within 15 minutes on the site Chuck was able to show me several areas that the insurance company and their team of experts missed that had significant mold growth.

All of these areas tested positive for mold by SOS AFTER they told us it was clear!  Subsequently we got the insurance carrier finally to re evaluate our conditions and the remediation company came in and removed almost 2 times the area they had originally worked on.  It took some time and it was not without a struggle.  But our carrier was happy to do a crappy job as were their experts.  We stood up for our rights and got the job done right.  We were told by our insurance carrier that are mold issue was fixed but it wasn’t!  Don’t take their word for it, Call SOS like we did.  We are very thankful that this was finally taken care of.

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